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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the engine of the greatest technological transformation that will concentrate a large part of the economic productivity and the greatest growth of nations, which manage to become the main seedbeds of companies that develop a disruption in the sector. In the context of COVID-19, where social distancing prevents physical contact between people, the wave of digitization continues to accelerate.

This trend is irreversible and under the new normal it will be a reality in many industries. The disruptive effects of AI have economic and social benefits. Therefore, it is important that each region can identify and promote local innovation through entrepreneurs and avoid being left behind in this transformative dynamic.

With a larger and more representative sample, this study follows up on our 2018 report to provide updated information on the current state, the main challenges, and the future of AI companies. Compared to the 240 previously identified Latin American AI companies, mapping more than doubled by 2020, with 490 startups across the region.

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